Password Help

Dovetail provides many services that may require authentication and therefore require a username and password to gain access to these services. The following outlines many of the common user accounts you may have at Dovetail and helpful links on how to manage them.
Hosting Users in novo Cloud (NOVOCLOUD\username)– also called Active Directory (AD) user:
  • For sites hosted in the novo Cloud
  • Gain access to web administration areas with dual authentication (such as RateDisplay, WordPress or Joomla)
  • Gain access to use Secure FTP access
  • Gain access to Custom Applications that require extra authentication
  • How do I get one? Contact Dovetail Customer Care at or phone 508-845-6465
  • How do I request an Audit report of my Hosting Users? Contact Customer Care and request a summary of www network users report – please specify which site if you have more than one.
novo Site and novo Admin Accounts — also called Application users:
  • If you are using novo CMS to restrict access to parts of your site, or
  • If you are using novo CMS to manage the content of your site then you have a web based admin area to do so the link would be similar to
  • How do I get one? Purchase a license or Subscription from Dovetail. Contact Sales for more information.
  • How do I change the password? Certain novo Admin accounts are setup with the Rights to Manage Users. These individuals may change your password for you by logging into the novo Admin for your site and navigating to the User Manager section. On the User Properties page there is a Change Password link..
Email Accounts:
  • Access to POP3 email accounts to receive email.
  • Webmail access.
  • How do I get one? When you Purchase a new website hosting package one of the email accounts is setup to have administration rights to add/remove/update email accounts for the primary domain the hosting package is for.
  • How do I change my password? Log on to web based email portal and go to account options to change your password.
  • Hint: remember to update your email client (e.g. Outlook) settings if you change your password. Site Accounts:
  • has certain pages that require a site access account to be established before viewing or downloading.
  • How do I get one? Register online at Wait for Customer Service to review, approve and assign your new novo user to the appropriate groups, then log back in to the site.
  • How do I change the password? If you forget your password when you go to log in you can have the password emailed to you by clicking on the “forgot password?” link.
Compliance Subscribers — uses Site Accounts:
  • What does it do? Compliance subscribers may also gain access to the Compliance Report area of using their Site Account.
  • Hint: Additional approval must be granted by a Dovetail Customer Service Representative to the Site account after you register and before you will be able to get in.
  • How do I get one? Obtain a Site Account and then Complete the Compliance Subscription online form at
Might I be locked out?
Network users have a multiple failed attempts and you’re out policy. You may be locked out if (a) you are trying to gain access to a page that uses a Network user; (b) the login screen is a gray pop up box; (c) it just keeps asking for a username and password; (d) you do not receive a page not found or SSL required error message. What to do… or Call Dovetail Customer Service to request a Unlock User.
Authorized Contacts Only:
Please note we will require that the person requesting the unlock must be on file as an Authorized Contact. To update your contacts please complete the Authorized Contact Form and fax it to 508-845-6465.
I need more Help!
Please contact Dovetail Customer Care either by email at or by phone 508-845-6465 (USA) or 011-1-508-845-6465 (internationally).